When you hear a certain word, isn’t it funny how you can be flashed back into a memory that reminds you of that word. When I hear summer, I think of so many happy memories, fun, laughter, sunshine, friends…
For all my fellow Australian’s, HANG IN THERE!!! Summer is only 5 months away!

And for all those around the globe right now who are in (or coming into) summer, enjoy every last sun ray!




Sunday 24th Jun…


Sunday 24th June 2012

Saturday nights in the middle of winter don’t mean much to me. I’m sitting here rugged up writing in my blog…

If you have never been to Australia you would know that it gets SUPER hot in summer, and FREEZING cold in winter. It’s ridiculous! Surfing wise, where I usually surf becomes monsterous and choppy… not fun, unlessĀ  you want to get dunked by the powerful waves.

Summer surfing is great… you have the sun and great waves. But I don’t especially like winter surfing. As a substitute I have purchased a new long board (skateboard). While skateboarding is in so many ways different to surfing, they can help a person become better in one by practising the other. My balence has improved, and I am hoping that by summer my absence from the water wont be too noticable… we’ll see.

I know your thinking I’m piss weak, believe me, I would love to be out there giving it a go, but beaches are a fair drive away from my position now. But soon I’ll be ripping it up on the waves…

Ash xoxo