Hey Guys,

I’m Ash Moore… I’m a female surf blogger from Australia.
While I’m relatively new to skating, I’ve been surfing my entire life.

Surfing is my biggest passion, and I want to share with you this amazing sport. Though I will also be posting skate posts and anything to do with summer. Summer is my favorite season, it’s when friends, family, music, love, surfing and skating all come together, (and another 1000 things, but they’re the main reasons!)

My biggest idol is Kelly Slater, I had the opportunity to watch him surf in 2011, and it was amazing! Kelly Slater is such an amazing surfer and he has been a big influence on my own surfing.

If you enjoy my blog, don’t forget to subscribe! I would love to hear your thoughts, questions, comments, tips..etc… via email, just message me at:

Ash xoxo


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I Ash — I envy you Australia, I come from a part of the world where people insist there are waves worth riding, but they do it in wetsuits and most of the year risk hypothermia (the Atlantic Ocean off most of Nova Scotia is not a very friendly place for swimming or surfing). And now I live too far inland to see the ocean and I miss it every day.
    Thanks for coming to visit and following my blog!

    • Australia does have a lot of coast! And in winter, our southern coast receives the chilly Antarctic winds and sea’s, it’s not very nice! I know how you feel about missing the ocean, it’s so beautiful! Hopefully you can see it soon! And thank you for visiting my blog!! xoxo

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