Skate Post

I think it’s about time I mention skating in an actual post on my blog. Right now I am only skating a longboard, which is to improve me during these cold winter months for my return to the water in summer. I am riding a Z-Flex longboard, (38” X 9”). It’s a pretty sweet ride, and as it is MY first board, (NOT

borrowed), it took a lot of research to find this versatile board that didn’t hurt my wallet too much, but it came to $199, and came wrapped up in a fun cardboard box for me to open. Very exciting!
Now that I have exposed myself to different landscapes, I think I can officially say I don’t suck at it.

My board does gather quite some speed down hills, however I love having to carve to slow down, and it feels like I’m back in the water doing my thing on my surfboard.

Don’t forget that I would love to hear from you guys about… anything! Just email me
It can be about anything, and I may even mention you and your thoughts in my blog, (only if you want to!)
Anyway guys, have a great day!

Ash xoxo

(Pic below: my beautiful long board!)


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