Cool Wetsuit

I absolutely hate how surfing is mainly a summer sport… I wish it was an all-year-round thing, which it could be, only it is most uncomfortable in winter. If you have never have the sensation of surfing in winter, let me describe it…

First of all, you have your icy winds, (that for Australia, come from Antarctica) that if exposed for long enough, burns your skin. It is very uncomfortable; the numb sensation doesn’t last long. The water is freezing, and when you duck-dive, your head feels the pressure on your skull from the freezing water. The waves become monstrous and choppy, and it’s a fair effort to get behind the breaking sets. I think it’s fair to say I don’t particularly like surfing in winter, and I know I’m bitching a lot about it! However, I don’t mind it all that much, it’s very refreshing and you feel so alive!

Thankfully, there is an option for those who don’t appreciate the wake-up-call:

Quicksilver has made it possible to surf waves in Antarctica, and maintain a nice cosy heat. I’m not too sure about staying cosy warm; however you will not get hypothermia… sweet!

This wetsuit is the first ever battery powered heat vest that can be worn under any wetsuit. I discovered this ‘Cypher Heated Wetsuit Vest’ last year in store at Quicksilver, and was straight away amazed!
I felt the heat myself in a small pouch you could put your hand in, and my hand was burning up! Though you can dial down or turn up the degree of heat, so this is great news for all of you who can’t travel the globe following summer all year long, and want to surf during these icy months… or in Antarctica.


Ash xoxo




‘Surfing expresses… a pure yearning for visceral, physical contact with the natural world’

– Matt Warshaw

Sunday 24th Jun…


Sunday 24th June 2012

Saturday nights in the middle of winter don’t mean much to me. I’m sitting here rugged up writing in my blog…

If you have never been to Australia you would know that it gets SUPER hot in summer, and FREEZING cold in winter. It’s ridiculous! Surfing wise, where I usually surf becomes monsterous and choppy… not fun, unless  you want to get dunked by the powerful waves.

Summer surfing is great… you have the sun and great waves. But I don’t especially like winter surfing. As a substitute I have purchased a new long board (skateboard). While skateboarding is in so many ways different to surfing, they can help a person become better in one by practising the other. My balence has improved, and I am hoping that by summer my absence from the water wont be too noticable… we’ll see.

I know your thinking I’m piss weak, believe me, I would love to be out there giving it a go, but beaches are a fair drive away from my position now. But soon I’ll be ripping it up on the waves…

Ash xoxo